What is FiOS?

fios-wiresFiOS is a home communications service offered by Verizon. This service is named for the fiber optic communications technology that makes it possible and through it; Verizon makes internet, phone, and television services available to its customers. Verizon FiOS is unique among its competitors precisely because of its early adoption of and current reliance on fiber optic communications technology. Its primary benefits include speed and quality of service, but there are many others to be discovered as well.

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Verizon’s Rising Star

You may have become aware of Verizon due to commercials and advertisements or you may already be using another of their services. Either way, if you find yourself curious, you should take a look at their offerings. Verizon’s FiOS service is rapidly becoming one of the most popular communications services possible. As such it has been well ranked by Consumer Reports and other evaluative groups. Recent figures suggest that there are at least 3.8 million current FiOS internet subscribers and 3.2 million television subscribers. This is due, in large part, to the major claim to fame of any fiber optics system: speed.

How Does FiOS Work?

Fiber optic communications systems like FiOS are unique because of the way that they can use light to transmit information. Using cables made up of thin strands of glass, fiber optic networks send signals made up of laser light back and forth. When the signal reaches a consumer who subscribes to FiOS the information it carries will be translated by a converter provided by the company. From there, they go to the appropriate device, whether it be phone, television, or computer. This system can provide you with your data at speeds of up to 50/20 Mbit/s download and upload. In addition, because your service uses a dedicated line, its speed will remain consistent no matter how many other users are subscribed in your area.

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Is it Time to Hire an IT Professional for Your Business?

bp3Internet Technology (IT) is the subject of debate in the business community with regard to one important question: Is IT rocket science or not? Some opine that the economy expands when IT management is left to the same professionals that run the businesses that are supported by their websites. Others are of the belief that only IT experts can make the Web work hard for you. Both have good points and make valid arguments. And both say the other is wrong.

An Argument for the Consultants

Hiring an IT professional for your business is also something that business consultants go back and forth on. It really comes down to what sort of business you’re in. If your company specializes in Windows Dedicated server hosting, online gambling or other such tech-savvy ventures, there may not be much that an IT expert can offer you. If you sell Widgets and nothing else, those who make their living managing e-commerce may have some very valuable advice and service to offer.


Time is Money (As Is Trust)

Another point to consider is how much time you may be spending working on your own website development. If your time is extremely valuable, with deadlines haunting your every move, you probably don’t want to do your own IT work any more than you would want to shampoo your own carpets. Hiring a hosting company that offers discounts such as Hostgator coupons, can help with your bottom line. When time is money, hire someone who can do the work quickly and efficiently. The opposite may also hold true. If your e-commerce is plagued by IT problems (coupled with insufficient IT response), you may want to hire your own “techies” and manage such things in-house. Try using an IT Help Desk Service.

For some, it may all boil down to a matter of trust, and that in turn may be based on past experience. Nobody touches a hot stove more than once (or, in some unfortunate instances, twice). Routine analysis of your business practices, with the bottom line as a key indicator, will help you make the right decision with regard to your management of e-commerce.

Working all of these questions out before hand is important. Starting with a business plan template can help organize your business goals and save you money.

Do You Need a Degree to Work in IT?

t8IT, or information technology, is a field of computer science specializing in repairing and constructing computers, computer programming, internet and website maintenance, software engineering and organizational computer systems. Computer scientists are IT experts who work with such complex systems like virtual reality design, robotic devices and database administration.
According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, information technology careers are rapidly expanding and generating more jobs than any other industry simply because most existing companies rely heavily on computer systems, computer programs and the internet.

Degree or Certificate?

Although a bachelor’s, master’s or graduate degree in IT is highly desirable by employers, you can find employment in the IT field with an associates degree or even a certificate from a vocational school. Experience with computer technology and working with computers is what employers like to see listed on a resume. However, without some kind of course completion documentation or special experience in the computer sciences, you may have trouble finding a job in the information technology industry. In addition, a degree in IT also indicates to a potential employer that you have successfully completed courses in computer programming, mathematics, physical sciences and communications. Having knowledge of a variety of computer-related subjects will facilitate receiving interviews and invitations to work for a company.

Other IT Careers

However, there is a way to at least get your foot in the door within the IT industry by filling jobs that some of those degreed IT specialists cannot successfully fill. These entry-level jobs concern sales, customer support, management and human resource and require excellent social, communication or interpersonal skills. Many individuals who are computer-oriented lack the expertise necessary to successfully interact with people or teams of people who are important in contributing innovative ideas to an IT company. As someone working in customer support, you can easily gain knowledge and experience dealing with computer issues and eventually work up to a position as a programmer or systems analyst.

So the answer to do you need a degree to with in IT is a resounding maybe. It depends on whether you want to spend 4 years in school and skip the entry-level aspect, or if want to start working right away and take a stepping-stone job which may lead to an actual IT job.

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The Growth of Email Marketing

e4Email marketing includes emails sent to enhance the relationship with a business and its customers, and emails sent to acquire new customers or get customers to purchase something. As Internet-use increases, so does that of emails read and sent by Internet-users. Wikipedia’s “Email Marketing” says that more than half of Internet-users check their email every day, and that firms in the United States alone spent more than $400 million on email marketing in 2006. The United Kingdom, also, has definitely had its fair share of success with email marketing! In 2009, email marketing UK rose an estimated 15% to £292m, says Wikipedia’s “Email Marketing.”

What All the Fuss is About

So what’s all the fuss about anyway? Why has email marketing become so popular? For many reasons, indeed, it has become the preferable version of direct-mail marketing over the “snail-mail” form. For one, email marketing is instant – you don’t have to wait for the post office to deliver it. Two, it is also convenient in that email marketing services provide ways of tracking and calculating how many emails are opened or just discarded without being viewed – which means companies learn what works and what doesn’t. Third, you can cater specifically to your customers’ needs and make the emails more personal – because they’re not sent out to everyone as a direct-mail letter might be – emails are only sent out to people who have requested them by signing up to receive them. Fourth, emails are less time-consuming – there’s no stuffing envelopes, applying postage, printing or anything else like that. Fifth, they are better for the environment and provide less trash. And finally, there’s no postage! Aaaaahhhhh. Saving money always makes a marketer happy!

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And It Keeps Growing and Growing Even More!

Email marketing is not expected to go away any time soon! With more and more people paying bills online, shopping in online stores (rather than out of printed catalogs) and sending more emails than personal letters – the mailbox may begin to be checked a lot less often than it once was – perhaps only when people know to expect something. If you were to send out a direct mail letter with a timely offer – the recipient may not even know it’s in the mailbox for days or even weeks, because he or she conducts so much of their business online, they don’t bother to check it. Make sure that you are keeping up with the times and advertising your business online – through email marketing. It would be a sad, sad day if you gave up the more than half of Internet users who check their emails every day – who would read YOUR email the very same day you sent it! Don’t be scared of technology. Embrace it, and let email marketing work for you!

Taking Care of your Most Valuable Resources

business-4A customer is the most valuable resource for any business. Managing those customers has become a key to maintaining and growing your business. It has always been important to manage customers well. But the process has changed a lot over the years. At one time most customer contact was done face-to-face. A business had the opportunity to get to know their customer base one on one. It was more an exercise in interpersonal interaction than some formula based demographic that determined what direction a company should go in when positioning a product or service to a potential or current customer.

Today things have changed greatly. Many of the services we offer in business are not delivered through face to face methods. Customers order physical goods online and have them delivered. Intangible goods and services are often delivered electronically. This reality changes the whole concept of how we manage our customer base. Click here for other business solutions.

Electronic Management of Resources is the Future

Electronic management of customers had led to a need to truly have a handle on who our customers are and how we reach them. An email management program can help a business target customers who have signed up to receive information from a company more efficiently. Let’s face it; even though it is basically free to send an email out, the cost of losing customers because you send them unnecessary emails that don’t target their needs is too high to risk.

Identify your Marketing Needs

A good email marketing software program will be able to separate your email list by many different variables which will help ensure you are reaching the optimal customer base for the product or service you are offering. If you simply want to run a marketing campaign there are less complex software packages that allow you to use a few simple templates to send out basic communications such as newsletters, and promotional material. If you are interested in automating your entire sales process and doing things like adding a shopping cart to your email or tracking your emails, there are more complex software programs. The best place to start is to take a look at various software packages. There email marketing software reviews which have narrowed down the choices to help you on your way.

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What Will Your CV Do For Your IT Career?

1287062_businessman_in_the_office_2The purpose of your CV is quite simply to help you find the job you are seeking. It is an established and expected part of the job seeking procedure, where it functions as a brief introduction of your potential qualification. It acts as an ambassador, carrying tales of your fitness for an employer’s open position before you. If it does its job successfully, your CV will open the doors of the hiring process and allow you to sail through them. A CV is only as good as you make it, however, and if you cannot produce an exemplary and professional CV, then it will have no effect whatsoever in furthering your career goals.

Your CV is Your Voice

Your CV is made up of the details of your skills and experiences—the things that you want a potential employer to know about you. When you send it into the world it will undertake to speak for you, allowing you to get your foot in the door. It will continue to work for you even after that initial moment, though. Employers go through a process when hiring any new employee and the CVs of potential candidates are a very real part of the whole process. They will be used by the hiring committee to keep your details at hand, to focus their questions during your interview, and even to compare you to other short list candidates. Your CV really will be your only consistent personal representative throughout your application process.

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The Importance of Your CV

With this in mind, the importance of taking the time to really develop the best possible CV becomes clear. In order for you to successfully find the job that you want, you need to put yourself out there and your impeccably written CV is the way to do it. Without it, you’ll simply be another voiceless soul in a sea of interchangeable candidates and someone else will end up speaking up instead.

Do You Know What Web Hosting is the Best Choice for Your Corporation

Web site ownership is not for vanity or a indulgence for corporations, they are a no ifs ands or buts requirement.

People everywhere use their phones to search for stores on the Internet for anything you can envision from Xbox to celebrity Kirsten Dunst to information on colleges like Vatterott College. Every business (big or small) that want to succeed need to have a website to acquaint about their business.

Your web site will give possible customers the information that they need to make a purchase from your specialty store. Your specialty store web site will tell possible buyers about your business, assets you offer, how to contact you, and can give your store a more private appearance which is always nice for customers. When you make the decision to spawn your own website, there are a couple of things you need to consider. You need to consider who is going to design your website, an company person, an outside company, your friend? Granted you wish to pick someone who knows what they are doing and will be able to support you and update your web site years from now with new information. Private contractors and companies will do a general web site pretty inexpensive if you don’t pine for any of the bells and whistles. The other big question you need to ask yourself is, where am I going to bank my web site. Most web site owners don’t think about the fact that they need to store their web site but you do. Your web site has to be stored on a webhost somewhere that can be accessed from the Internet and has all of the proper functions features installed.

There are tons of competing web site hosting businesses out there that will produce you a domain name (www.yourcompany.com) and hoard your website for a very low fee. If you happen to out grow your web hosting company it can be a a nightmare to move your web site to another hosting company so do your homework early to avoid unnecessary costs. There are a few things you really want to look for when choosing your web hosting company.

Data Storage is the 1st thing you want to look at when you’re deciding on a web hosting company. Storage space is the amount of room that the host gives you to accumulate your web site. When checking out storage space you want to have at least ten Gigs or ten thousand Mbs (these are the same thing). By having this much storage space you can discover a basic web site and have loads of room to grow with your web site.

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